This summer I found myself eagerly anticipating something amazing for the first time in 9 years.


Doesn’t that word just make you happy? Try it again, say it with me….. “vacation.” Yes, there you go. Maybe you envision white sand beaches, lush forests, or world class museums. Those are all fine vacations. But this particular vacation was to celebrate something special. My long time friend, M, that I have known since middle school was getting married!

M moved to Washington when we were in high school and we have sporadically kept in touch throughout the years (thanks Facebook). So I gleefully grabbed a friend and packed my bags and we headed up 600 miles away to watch M get hitched!

It was a gorgeous day, sunny and low 90s with a breeze. Her wedding was in the early evening at remote farm. The setting could not have been better.



And then before I knew it, there she was walking down the aisle!


Beautiful bride, don’t you think?

Then she got married and we celebrated into the night with her and her new husband.


This was just the start of the fun I got to have on my vacation. The next post will catch you up on some of the great, touristy stuff the Seattle area offered.  Thanks for reading!

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